Your Studio, Your Identity

Customize your Own Virtual Studio. Select your brand colors, add your logo and your name.


Its your business, you set the rules

Membership, Class and Courses Fees


Set your class fees and membership rates for each class , course or bundle them together as memberships . 

You can upload any number of courses, media files for your students

Yoga at Home

Unlimited streaming and classes


We do not place restrictions  or any limit on number of minutes you can stream from the portal.

With our solution, you would also be able to record your classes that can be uploaded to be sold as recorded classes for your students

Seamless Payment for you


We collect the fee from your students  on our site & pass it to your account

We do not charge any commission . Its 100% yours. You can easily track and monitor your Subscription and class sales through our tool

Our Pricing Plans

Basic Monthly

Rs 2999 / Month

Premium Monthly

Rs 3999 / Month

Basic Annual

Rs 29990 / year

Premium Annual

Rs 39990 / year


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I have to make my own website?


A1: No, You don’t have to make your own website. Your own virtual studio will be hosted on www.cityogini.com . You can customize your studio by creating your own name, logo and colors for the studio

However, if you have an existing website, you can link it to your studio directly and redirect traffic of your students


Q2. What all services can I provide to my students


A2: With this subscription to cityogini, you will be able to do the following for your students

  • Live Stream your classes

  • Conduct live events and Webinars for a larger audience

  • Offer Pre-recorded videos and courses for your students at a price

  • Offer Membership to students for classes and courses


Q3. Do I need other video conferencing tools such as Zoom, MS teams etc?


A3 No, your studio at cityogini will give you the facility to live stream your classes from the portal itself. You will just need your login credentials to start the class. We make it simpler and better for you

So, now you can say Goodbye to other video conferencing subscription payments as you will be able to live stream your classes on our platform


Q4. Would I need to send a link to students separately once they book a class or an event?

A4 No, our tool will send out a confirmation mail to students with the link to be used for the class. So you don’t have to worry about the operational work at the backend

Come and teach simply J .


Q5. Where can students see my list of offerings and the class schedule


A5. You will be able to configure your schedule once you get the subscription. It will be as easy as drag and drop so that you can modify it, add or remove anything anytime. It will be that simple


Q6. Is there a limit on the number of minutes for a session


A6. No, we don’t restrict teachers based on minutes. Design your classes basis your teaching requirements and you are good to go. Conduct as many classes as you want


Q7. What do I need to do if students in my class increase beyond 10?


A7. Let us know if your classes start to attract more students, we will be happy to upgrade you to our premium plan that allows you to have 15 students in any class you conduct. It has host of other benefits too.


Q8. Can I record my classes for the consumption of students?


A8. Absolutely, we provide that functionality if you want to record your classes and let the students come back and watch it


Q9. How do the courses work?


A9 Courses are your videos and other media material including reading material that you can host on our studio at cityogini.com. You can decide how you want to sell the courses to your students. Just upload the material in your course section and configure pricing and billing plans. You can keep the course time bound as well


Your overall plan will decide the number of students you can get in every course


Q10. How do I get payments for my classes and courses


A10 A very important question, indeed. We promised that we will take care of the operational work for you while you teach. We collect online payments from your students and transfer all of it back to you in your account directly. So , you don’t have to chase students for payments as they have to pay in advance

We will make teaching stress free for you  :) 


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