FAQs on Classes

1)What will be the mode of delivery of classes?

The live classes will be online conducted on zoom at the time specified in the confirmation mail or the booking page. Please ensure you have the right internet connection and zoom application to take these classes.

2)Are these classes 1 on 1 or group classes only?

All the classes on offer are group classes. No. of participants may vary based on the program being offered.

3)If I miss a session, Can I use my session for the next class?

All sessions are time bound as the number of slots are limited for each session. We urge you to be present for the class and enjoy the journey.

4)What if I book 12 sessions . Can I use them anytime I want?

No, the sessions will have to be finished in the stipulated time period as per the schedule mentioned. Post the expiry of the program, a new bundle package will need to be purchased.

5)Can I cancel anytime and do I get a refund?

No refunds allowed as of now for the class.

6)Are the classes same for beginners and advanced practitioners?

Level of the class has been mentioned in  the class details. Please make you choose the class as per your level.

7)What preparation do I need to do to begin the practice?

Please ensure you carry a mat for the practice and arrive on time to begin the practice with the group.

8)Anything on diet?

Please make sure that you don’t eat or drink anything before class. Make sure that you have a light dinner on the eve of the class.

9)What if I have some injury? Can I continue to practice?

Please make sure that you fill up your injury details in the declaration form that comes with your booking confirmation mail. However, we would like you to take precautions while practicing. Make sure you aware of your movements to avoid further injuries or aggravate existing injury. Do consult a doctor prior to starting the practice.

10)Are there chances of any injury during the practice?

The teacher conducting the session will continuously monitor your progress and give guidance during the class. We would urge you to be cautious during the practice & follow the instructions carefullyand with self awarness about your own limits and respecting and honoring them.

We believe that you know your condition better than others do and hence, please ensure its safer for you to begin the practice 


11)I had registered for an event but couldn’t attend . can I use the same ticket for another event?

The purchased ticket is only for the specific event and can only be used for the same. If you wish to attend another event, you will need to buy ticket for that event. Seats are subject to availability

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