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Yogi Swami is a yoga master from India. Have study yoga in India for 8 years from Bihar School of Yoga. Living in yogic environment started teaching yoga to the aspiring yoga teachers, and successfully took Health Management Programmes and Yoga teacher training course in the Yoga school. Swami then became a full time yoga teacher and started teaching in Bihar Yoga Bharti. He is the one of the best yoga teachers of B.S.Y. with deep knowledge of meditation and Yoga Nidra. 

He is teaching yoga from 23 years and from last 8 years he is in Europe spreading yoga knowledge at various places. Many people have benefited from his teaching in India, France, and Switzerland and now in Turin, Italy.  

We strongly believe that the practices learnt during yoga sessions take you through a yoga journey that continues for rest of your life. 

Teaching in three languages Hindi, English and Italian.

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The Yogis is a platform where various type of yoga lesson is provided in Europe and in India. Now with The Yogis you can get lesson online from anywhere in world. You lean art of living Yogic life, in your day to day life by doing your daily activity.

Yoga session is designed looking into over all wellness of individuals, balance in personality and overall growth of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Our session duration is one hours, Session begin with sequence of asana from Hath yoga pose, round of Surynamaskar, balancing asanas followed by short meditation and ending by doing the few breathing exercise called Pranyama.

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