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This Microgreens Biodegradable Grow Mat *size*Medium consists of 2 trays, 3 Microgreens seeds, 3 grow mats, 1 big spray gun, 3 tags & video instructions.

All seeds are organic and 50grm in each box.

Note : Replenishment of Seeds , Potting Mix and Grow Mats are available too.

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Village Story Microgreens Biodegradable Grow Mat *size*Medium

Product SKU : 20002

Product By Village Story

Country of Origin : India

Only 5 quantity available.

Price : 1999



Weight50 gms seeds per box


Delivery within 14 days.

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This product cannot be returned. We haven't sold enough pieces yet to formulate a Return Policy. Help us sell more, we will start giving refunds.

An order, once placed, cannot be cancelled.

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We always suggest to wash seeds and soak seeds for 24hrs before broadcasting. Do not soak tiny seeds like Chia , Amaranthus , Basil etc )