Connecting Wellness Online | Cityogini

 With this subscription to cityogini, you will be able to do the following for your students

  • Live Stream your classes

  • Conduct Single or Recurring Classes on specific days pf the week

  • Offer Pre-recorded videos and courses for your students at a price or free

  • Sell your products and merchandise to your students

 Your studio at cityogini will give you the facility to live stream your classes from the portal itself. You will just need a good stable internet connection and your login credentials to start the class. We make it simpler and better for you.

So, now you can say Goodbye to other video conferencing subscription payments as you will be able to live stream your classes from your own studio.

Our tool will send out a confirmation mail to students with the link to be used for the class. So you don’t have to worry about the operational work at the backend. Come and teach simply.

They will be able to see it on the website hosted on your Studio Page with all your details and offerings in one place.

No, we don’t restrict teachers based on minutes. Design your classes basis your teaching requirements and you are good to go. Conduct as many classes as you want.