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No, not the drink. This is more on the lines of – When life gives you lemons…. aah!! Now you get it. So clearly this is not a recipe post.

I recently got laid off from my job. The job I really really really worked hard to get. After the multi level interviews that tested my nerves, my will power and my determination to get though. For the uninitiated I was returning to full time work after almost a decade, that in itself was a challenging feat given the slow down which was already creeping into the markets. So this job that I got into through sheer grit and stubbornness was no more mine now. The whole world was talking about the ‘new normal’; my new normal looked very much like the ‘old normal’. The normal I had fought with myself to escape.

It wasn’t easy, is an gross understatement. Especially the day I had to pick the things from my office. It broke my spirit and heart. I came out bawling of the office- all yoga forgotten. For many days I couldn’t eat , I couldn’t do anything. I just wanted to sleep. I was wounded. So many people around me were laid off too but I seemed to be carrying all their pains. Some had to move because they couldn’t afford the rent , some had trouble paying kids’ school fees. People we knew were falling sick or worse, dying. Things outside were grim and dark mirroring how I was feeling within.

But this note here is about how I came out it and my tips that hopefully you can use if life gives you lemons too.

1. Accept what has happened. Give it sometime. Don’t try to hide or run away from the feelings of despair; spend time with them. This seems counter intuitive because we’ve been trained to look at the bright side always. Find that silver lining. Don't give up. But there is strength in surrender. Fully acknowledge how bad you’re feeling about something that happened- mourn, cry , sympathize with yourself. But here’s the deal – “with a time limit”. Have a close day or date to it. A day or two at the max. This is different from brooding. This is about fully taking responsibility of the the situation even if you’re not the one responsible for it.

2. Reconnect with other parts of yourself. From the second or third day onward, start figuring out your options. The avenues you can explore, the friends you can call, connect with your family. Tell them about what happened. Listen to them, most of them will have words of comfort. Also start preparing your resume, add the new skills you learnt on the last project or job to it. Send it out to people, to head hunters, to job portals and other professional contacts. Do the actions and … wait.
3. Change your Vibe. Jobs attach our self worth so much to money that sometimes we forget what the purpose of working all together is! Ask yourself, (a)If you had everything in the world what would you still like to do?’ ‘What would you do if you were living in Abundance?’ And (b)’What would you do that can enrich another individual?’ ‘ What can you do that can add value to other people’s lives?’ Do that. Just like the stimulants use these questions to ignite your vibe. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t have to be free, charge for it if you can, but it should serve and it should add value to another individual.

4. Be ready to receive. Once you have done all the above, prepare yourself for the messages from the Universe. Get fit. Start yoga or meditation. Start exercising regularly. Eat healthy. Most important, pray. Don’t pray begging for things to be better or asking for stuff. Don’t be afraid and and pray. Pray to feel joyful in presence of divinity. Pray to be ready. To keep your heart and mind open and sharp to identify the opportunities around and the ones that might be coming your way. They may not be exactly what you expect but exercise sharper self awareness to receive them when they do come looking for you.

This is the step I’m at currently. Preparing for the opportunities to come up. I read it once somewhere that good luck is a combination of opportunity and preparedness. If there aren’t enough opportunities right now be damn well prepared for the ones that might be coming your way. And yes, enjoy the lemonade.

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