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Cityogini combines the past with the present. It combines history with relevance. It fuses It fuses wisdom with modernity. For your students, the modern-day juggler of time, it cuts away at the hazy edges of mysticism to bring to them you, your message and your knowledge of Yoga just like you learnt it from your Guru : The ancient practice of Yoga: pure, sharp, distilled.

It’s about contextualizing it for today without losing out on the original essence. Cityogini is an authentic, unpretentious, and spirited digital platform for teachers and students. Starting as a personal blog in 2014, it slowly and steadily took shape into the platform it is today. Cityogini is now a digital yoga studio for teachers, where they get all the back-end infrastructure to host their online classes with students. It fosters a community that together makes space for yoga as a way of life in the everyday.

Picture this: whisked away on an international flight, your student finds them self on a layover in Paris. You are in India just about to start your class at Your Virtual Yoga Studio. Don't you think it would be fantastic if they can join you? Take a leap with technology. Use it to your benefit and the benefit of your students. Instead of wasting time scrolling mindlessly through Social Media , your students can take a class with you. They can use your help and guidance even when they are miles away from you though Cityogini.

If you found this post helpful, and would like to start your own Virtual Yoga Studio with us.

Because the World could do with more yoga teachers like You to reach out their Voice to people who need it more than ever in these times.

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