Connecting Wellness Online | Cityogini
With your own classes , you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you are making this world a better place. People are seekers, they are always looking at ways to improve themselves and grow. They are always looking for something that calls to them. If you have a workshop idea or a class concept to share with us we can help you grow. And the best part is we do all this -Online !!

Tip: make sure you have a good internet connection and you are comfortable taking classes online.

Here’s how to do it:
  1. Its done already . You are here. Signup as a teacher and take up our Free 14 Day Trial of your Studio.
  2. Set up your studio, you can design and decorate it in your colors - Your banner, your picture, your Bio and a cool intro video.
  3. Set up your classes and price them as you like. You can also record a few prerecorded videos and either keep them as a free or a paid class. Studio is ready to welcome your Students.
  4. You can add your products to your shop too. If you dont know where to begin keep am eye out for our events. We can help you set up your store too.

If you found this post helpful, and would like to start your own Virtual Yoga Yoga with us.

Because the World could do with more yoga teachers like You to reach out their Voice to people who need it more than ever in these times.