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In the last few years, society has seen a change that was quite overdue. A rise in women empowerment, an increase in the number of people working towards financial independence, and women recognizing their rights are just some of these changes. Therefore, 26th August is celebrated as women's equality day. While many people have their ideas of equality, we believe that equality starts with self-empowerment.

Cityogini strongly believes in women equality. The term Cityogini very beautifully speaks of an urban woman who is still connected to her inner self. This idea, somewhere, is what empowerment could mean! Well, let's discuss this idea a little in-depth!

When I decided to write this blog, I pondered a lot over what empowerment meant for me. Was it just the ability to be financially independent? Was it the ability to make my own decisions? Well, there are many things I could have written down or thought about in this regard. However, the one thought that stuck with me was that empowerment and equality comes from within.

Maybe this is what we have lacked all this while. Perhaps, we have lacked the self-empowerment aspect. The idea of believing that we are equals, the idea of empowering ourselves and not looking for external factors!

A lot of social causes are now directed towards women, their safety, equality, and empowerment. However, are these causes any useful if we women do not believe that we are worthy of it? So, take today as a chance to reflect upon your thoughts and actions. Think back to every time you have had to hold yourself back because you are a woman. I am pretty sure you would have come up with at least one scenario where you held yourself back. On this Women’s Equality Day, do not look for equality from society or people around you. Be your own person! Start empowering yourself!

Wondering where to start with this whole self-empowerment philosophy? One thing that helps a lot of women gain respect and be more confident is being financially independent. There are a lot of opportunities for women out there who want to start working or are looking to develop a career. Cityogini wishes to add to this effort and invites wellbeing teachers to be a part of our platform and help us take this cause further. Click here to check out our website and build your own virtual wellness studio!

And lastly, remember, unless you believe in yourself, no one else's words would matter!

So, start there and see the magic happen!

If you found this post helpful, and would like to start your own Virtual Yoga Studio with us.

Until the next blog, keep teaching, keep changing the world, and keep smiling!

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