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Less than a week ago UN reported that the rate of climate change is starting to sound like “code red for humanity”. However, it is not just the report that shows the severity of climate change; the wildfires, non-seasonal weather, and sudden weather changes also show the real-life consequences of climate change.

The point is climate change is real and something that we need to start taking seriously. Planet Earth has provided us with life and a home for a very long time now. It is time we start looking after it now. Now, one way to look at it would be, “Climate change happens, nothing you can do about it”. However, reports also say that it is not too late to start making a difference.

Now, what is this difference that you can make, and how does it impact the world’s climate change? The change is simple: being careful and considerate of tiny habits and trying to live a sustainable life. So, how can you start living a sustainable life? Is it more expensive than the normal lifestyle? Well, here are all these questions answered for you!

How expensive is living a sustainable life?

Contrary to popular belief, living a sustainable life is not expensive. All you have to do is make a few minor changes and be more mindful of how you use things or make purchases.

Small changes you can make in your day-to-day life:

Buying local products: 

Buying local products helps increase a countries economy and reduce the transportation cost and thereby reducing CO2 emission. Cityogini believes in the importance of healthy and sustainable living. The brands on our platform also follow a similar ideology to ours. For example, one of our brands sells local handmade toys and is worth checking out (click here)!

That being said, buying local products and local produce of fruits and vegetables is a great way to start making a small change.

Reducing waste in daily use products:

Often, we buy more than we need, and that leads to a lot of waste. The best way to go about things would be to plan and then buy. This not just helps the environment but also allows us to manage our time and money more effectively. Furthermore, when ordering online, many sites now have an option for environment-friendly packing and opting for that is also a good chance. One of the stores at Cityogini sells shampoo bars and conditioners, which is a great way to avoid plastic wastes. Click here to check it out now!

Recycle and reuse:

This is the thing that requires the least of your energy. Recycling papers and other materials is a great way to help the environment. Furthermore, using reusable products rather than perishable and one-time use products can help you make small contributions to the big issue we face today. Some of the switches that you can easily make in your day-to-day life are to use a silicone mat for baking instead of baking papers and to use reusable cotton bags for your grocery purchases instead of buying new plastic bags every time.

Save energy and water:

The last one is the simplest yet the most effective option of all. This is something you can start with and save the planet as well as some money. Switch off all electronic appliances when not in use. Save water wherever possible. This small mindful way can go a long way to save the planet!

I would like to end this blog with a reminder that we do not have any planet-B. It is Earth that is our home, and it is our duty to protect it with everything we can. So, if making small changes help us save the planet and live a more sustainable and healthy life, we all should be doing that. Cityogini believes in sustainable and healthy living and is therefore taking small steps to make a big impact.

Make small changes to be a part of a wider community of people doing the same at Cityogini. Share your thoughts about the small changes you make that can have a meaningful impact on climate change issue.

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Until the next blog, keep teaching, keep changing the world, and keep smiling!
I hope these points help you get started towards building better habits and lifestyle in these uncertain times.
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