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Recent events have reminded us of the value of family and friends and of living sustainably and holistically. Because of the pandemic, the wildfires, and the grief that has swept the globe, we've come to realize how important it is to seize every opportunity to spread a little joy!

Raksha Bandhan is a festival observed in India and other regions of southern Asia by people of various religions. The words Raksha and Bandhan loosely translate to protect and relationship, respectively. The festival honor's the relationship between a brother and a sister, where a brother protects his sister as his way of showing love and care. However,  over time, this has grown to honor the tie between siblings and even cousins. While the event appears to be simple on the surface, it is pretty important. Personally, this is the one day of the year when I can be the boss of my brothers and cousins.

After learning about the festival's significance, one would wish to spend the day with their siblings and cousins. However, with the pandemic's second wave wreaking havoc in India, it's possible that not everyone will be able to spend the holidays with their families this year.

This blog is about how to keep the festive spirit alive despite the current circumstances.

Stay connected via virtual methods.

While the pandemic had its drawbacks, it also provided us with an opportunity to try out new means of communicating with others. So get creative and spend some time today playing virtual games, sharing stories, or just catching up on life! When it comes to making someone feel important, a little effort goes a long way.

Make your Rakhi's and gifts thoughtful.

The sister tying Rakhi to the brother while receiving presents is a crucial component of the festival. Making this part of the event a little more thoughtful than usual can make it more memorable. Perhaps sending a letter, spending time with them, visiting them (if possible), or simply personalizing the Rakhi and gift will suffice!

Cityogini is a firm believer in living a holistic and sustainable life. At the same time, as a team, we value culture and traditions from all around the world! Give the gift of good health to your loved ones on this auspicious occasion! Visit our website to discover what deals are now available on online wellness classes and the Cityogini store. Also, if you know someone interested in starting an online wellness business, check out our special incentives for new teachers who sign up by August 22nd (Raksha Bandhan)

Focus on Kindness

A lot of us are lucky enough to have family around festivals. However, recent events have deprived many people of this opportunity. Spend time with your siblings volunteering in the community. While spending time together, the sensation of spreading joy develops a deep bond and a sense of accomplishment!

`Finally, I'd like to mention that the event honor's the love between siblings. Even if you can't be there or do anything out of the ordinary, a simple phone call can make someone feel important and valued. We frequently believe that going out of our way to make a good gesture is the only way to do so. However, we often overlook the delight that small things may bring us. So, spend time with your family, tell them you love them, express gratitude for the day you've had, and keep the festive mood alive!

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Until the next blog, keep teaching, keep changing the world, and keep smiling!

I hope these points help you get started towards building better habits and lifestyle in these uncertain times.

If there is something you would like us to talk about in our blogs, let us know in the comments below :)

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