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Recently, I have been reading quite a bit about fitness practices and different forms of it. During this reading I realized that people have a lot of misconception around the concept of yoga. This blog speaks about five of the most common yoga myths and also the reality of it! Keep reading to know more and learn more about yoga.

Myth 1: Yoga is only for flexible people

Truth: A lot of people associate yoga with these poses that require to be flexible. However, what people do not know is that while yoga requires flexibility, not being flexible does not disqualify you as a yoga practitioner. You can start practicing yoga with little to no flexibility and develop the flexibility overtime. Moreover, there are a lot of basic yoga poses and style that do not require you to be completely flexible. To summarize, yoga is not just people twisting and turning their bodies, it is also a way to increase flexibility, improve mental health and maintain physical health!

Myth 2: Yoga is not a real workout

Truth: A lot of people have this misconception that yoga is not a real workout or that people cannot lose weight by just doing yoga. Yoga is usually seen as a way to make the body more flexible and improve posture. However, the reality is that yoga also helps improve core strength and overall body strength as well. The key thing to note here is that there are different forms of yoga targeting different aspects of mental and physical health. While some forms focus on improving mobility and posture, others focus on improving strength. Yoga may not be the solution to all your physical fitness needs sometimes, however, in most of the cases there is something for everyone in this area.

Myth 3: Yoga is just a spiritual practice

Truth: While a lot of religious and spiritual practitioners have yoga as a part of their lifestyle, yoga is not just limited to that. When practiced in a spiritual context, yoga can be a spiritual activity. However, it has a lot more to offer than just that. In the past few years, yoga has gained immense popularity and has become popular in the western countries as well. This spread in popularity of yoga shows how yoga is much more than just a spiritual practice, hence busting the myth.

Myth 4: All yoga is the same

Truth: The idea that yoga is spiritual or just helps increase mobility and flexibility has made people believe that all yoga is the same. There are different forms of yoga targeting different aspects of health like I had mentioned earlier. There are different forms of yoga like Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power yoga and so on. Each of these yoga types are targeted for different kind of audience. Hatha yoga is great for beginners and focuses on breathing whereas Ashtanga yoga requires you to be more proficient and physically active. This just shows the broad spectrum that yoga has. Furthermore, the broad spectrum also shows that there is something here for everyone.

Myth 5 : Yoga is best when practiced in the morning

Truth: Coming to the myth even I believed for quite a long time! The idea that any form of physical activity is best done in the morning does not apply only to yoga but also to everything else. People fail to realize that everyone is different. Everyone has different energy levels throughout the day. While some may feel more energetic in the morning, for some evening is the most active time. The main thing to remember here is that there is no best time to do yoga! All you must do is get the mat when you are free and start practicing irrespective of the time!

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