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Recent times in India have been uncertain and scary for quite a lot of us. We have feared for our health, our family, and the safety of the people around us. While this time has made us realise the importance of good physical health, it has also taken a toll on our mental health. 

This article speaks about how you continue to practice yoga, fitness, or any lifestyle changes during these chaotic times. I walk you through a series of tips that have helped me stay consistent and focused on my goals and aims irrespective of the surroundings. 

Track your progress

One thing that has helped me stay consistent in tracking my progress. This tracking could be done using an app to manage your workout or maintain a paper diary to do the same. 

Every time you feel like giving up or going back on your plans, just skim through the progress you have made so far. Remember how giving up now will set you back on the progress. 

Remember, it is okay to lose focus for few days.

While tracking your progress can help you stay consistent, it is essential to remember that not all days are good. Remember to listen to your body and mind before making decisions. For example, if you think you really cannot spare the energy for a workout or yoga routine someday, it is entirely okay to skip it. Just remember not to make it a habit and push through whenever you can. 

Prepare in advance 

One of the biggest excuses I could come up with to not work out was that I am not prepared enough. So I started making it a habit to prepare all things needed the night before sleeping. Then, whenever I found time to work out the next day, I could do it without any hassle.

Get your friends and family to join.

If you think you lack motivation and feel unfocused most of the times, ask someone to hold you accountable for it. You can also ask your friends or family to join you for the workout online. Your brain is more likely to be motivated to work out or exercise if someone is holding you accountable! 

Don't be afraid to reach out for help.

Lastly, if you have tried everything in your power to stay calm and focused during these uncertain times but nothing seems to be working, remember that it is entirely normal to feel this way. Do not feel scared to reach out for help; talk to a family member or friends; seek professional assistance if you think that might be beneficial. 


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Until the next blog, keep teaching, keep changing the world, and keep smiling!

I hope these points help you get started towards building better habits and lifestyle in these uncertain times. If there is something you would like us to talk about in our blogs, let us know in the comments below!

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