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When you start teaching online, it is not just the method of teaching that changes but also the  clientele. It is easier to get an adult to focus on an online class. However, with their curious mind  and short attention span, kids are not as easy to teach online.  

Here are a few tips to help you when you conduct online classes for kids. While these tips may  work in most cases, it is essential to know that every kid is unique, and some may require special  attention. For them, it may be better to conduct one-on-one classes. 

So, without further ado, let's get started on our lists of tips and tricks to help you conduct online  classes for children. 

1. Keep the class size small: The most important things with kids is to pay attention. With  their fragile hearts and curious minds, it may be difficult for you to pay attention to a  larger class all at once. So instead, limit the class to a smaller number of students so you  can pay close attention to every one of them. 

2. Give small breaks: Now that you have started with a class with a limited number of  students, the next thing is to keep them focused. Sometimes, focus comes at the cost of a  break. Take small breaks even if the class is an hour long. You can try interacting with  the kids at this time. This would keep them engaged, and you will get to know your  students better. Doing so not only works well to keep kids focused, but it also brings the  kids back for more classes if they enjoy. 

3. Keep it entertaining and exciting: While the parents' intention of allowing kids to  attend these classes remains to engage them in physical activity, it is you who has to  remember that physical activity is not limited to yoga poses. Try making your yoga class  exciting by adding small activities and contests. For instance, you can play songs and ask  kids to dance in their place, or you can create a friendly competition by seeing who holds  a pose for a longer time. 

4. Keep everything at hand and prepare extra: Now this is a good idea for any class but  needs a special mention for kids. Prepare yourself with a few additional activities, so you  do not run out of ideas. Keep everything at hand, and remember you are talking to  inquisitive minds, so there will be a question! 

5. Win their hearts: Kids are kind at heart and fun! So just be yourself. Listen to them. Pay  attention. And in no time, they will be smitten by you! So, just believe you can do this  and get started. 

That is all we have to say for online classes for kids. Just like kids, older adults also require  special attention sometimes. Next, in our blogs for teacher, we are coming up with tips that help  you conduct online classes for the elderly. So, stay tuned and let us know if you would like us to  write on something particular.  

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Until the next blog, keep teaching, keep changing the world, and keep smiling!

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