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If you have been following us since a while and still have no idea what we do, this article is just for you. In this article, I will be giving you an overview of Cityogini by answering six questions.

1. What is Cityogini, and who are we?
Cityogini is just a brand started by people who believe in the power of yoga and aim to empower yoga teachers around us. Even though Cityogini began as a completely different brand, over the years, it has taken the shape of what it should have been - a one-stop-shop for yoga teachers and students. Naturally, we are still growing and improving every day, but now, we have taken a form that we believe will help us spread the joy and power of yoga more than ever before. If you are curious to know more about how we do all this, read further.

2. How is Cityogini useful for a yoga or wellness teacher?
Now, if you are a yoga teacher reading this, you might be wondering how do we plan on empowering yoga teachers? The answer is very simple by creating a community that brings us all together. Our platform's main aim is to provide yoga teachers that platform which they can use to conduct yoga classes, online, with ease. We have ourselves been adjusting to the sudden digitalisation around the globe. However, we have learned from our mistakes, used our experience, and developed a platform that makes growing your own yoga brand more effortless than ever before. Read further to know in detail about our Virtual Yoga Studio.

3. How does Cityogini help students?
Cityogini serves as a one-stop-shop for students seeking for yoga lessons. Over time, Cityogini will be home to yoga classes, articles, and advice from yoga teachers all around. If you are a student seeking for a little (or a lot) more than just recorded or live classes for your money, this is the place to be. Also, let's not forget, if you can shop and attend classes on the same websites, shopping does not count as procrastinating, does it? ????

4. What is the deal with the Virtual Yoga Studio?
Now, speaking of the elephant in the room, the Virtual Yoga Studio. What is it? Well, it is just a platform which makes it easier for a yoga teacher to create, develop and grow their yoga brand online. It includes options to create your own webpage, manage your payments, manage schedules, sell pre-recorded classes, sell merch, and well a lot more. Naturally, there are and will be more detailed blogs on the part. So, check out the blog section on our website or click here to do so.

5. What is the Cityogini Community? How is it helpful to you?
So, what is this community I speak of so often? Is it something like conferences or a regular catch up? Well, it is a lot more! As I have mentioned a bazillion times before, it is a way to bridge the gap between teachers and students. It is a place for students to post their health and wellness question and a platform for teachers to answer these question and not just help the students, but also bring in new students for themselves. Furthermore, you will find discussions on topics we all search about like how to build habits (click here to read), which yoga mat to buy, or just a random post about an inspiring story to keep you motivated.

6. What about the store? What can I buy or sell there?
This section is for all the people who browse the internet to shop (all of us do that sometimes). On the store, you will find yoga merch not just from us but also from other brands we believe in and want to support. Also, let's not forget our teachers. With the Virtual Yoga Studio, you can also create your own little store on the internet. Don't worry about the logistics though, that is why we are here. Just add products and let people shop till they drop (hopefully, not literally!)

That is all from my side. If you think I am missing out a question or if you would like to know more, feel free to comment down below or reach out to us on our social media platforms.

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