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Recently, youtube has become our favourite source of pass time and also a good source of knowledge! As a yoga teacher, you must have thought of adding your classes on youtube a bunch of times, and maybe you already have a few videos there. Either way, this article will give you a better alternative to those youtube videos!
In this article, I will be speaking about Cityogini's virtual studio and how it works well for a yoga teacher when compared to youtube. Of course, youtube is a great platform to get your brand some recognition. However, is it best for a yoga teacher? Let's find out.
The youtube algorithm
The visibility of your videos will highly depend on the likes, views, and subscribers on your channel or that particular video. If you are new to this industry understanding, the youtube algorithm can take a while. Of course, once you have a good following, there is no better platform, but Cityogini works well even when you are just a newbie! You can upload your video on your virtual studio, and your students can buy your pre-recorded courses anytime they want!
A concentrated audience
Everyone has access to youtube, and not everyone will be interested in yoga. So, not all your views convert to business. However, in the case of our virtual studio, your audience is limited to those who seek for a yoga teacher. This concentrated audience helps increase the chance of your videos converting to business soon!
Charge what you want
Earnings on youtube is highly based on ads and brand promotions. There is no fixed amount you can charge for every course you offer. On the other hand, with the virtual studio, you charge what you feel your course is worth!
No ads and brand promotions
Imagine this, you are watching a yoga video, and suddenly an ad pops up, kind of ruins the whole environment, does it not? By now you must have guessed since our platform is designed specifically for yoga teachers, there are no ads, you maintain the calm and peaceful environment you create, and the students get the best of experience that you aim to provide.

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