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This one, I will keep short and simple. I know most of you have already read some blogs in this series (if not click here to check them out). So, next up on the list, we have Shopify. Not particularly Shopify, but also any other platform where you can sell your merchandise. So, let's get to the point now, shall we?

No commission on products
Most platforms like Shopify have an amount of commission they take from the sale. However, we believe in empowering yoga teacher and respect your hard work. Therefore, we avoid any form of hidden charges or commissions. The price you sell your product for is the price you earn.

Easy payment
Even though this point applies for most e-commerce website out there, it is essential to mention this once. If you use platforms such as Instagram to sell your products, it probably won't include these benefits. However, Cityogini's store lets you sit back and relax while we process the orders for you.

Sell your merch to your students or a yoga centric audience.
I know I have mentioned this point way too many times now. However, it is essential and deserves this kind of attention. Your product is more likely to sell or get recognition if it is marketed to the right audience. Cityogini's store does just that. We use our platforms to promote your products, and the website traffic usually is of people looking for yoga classes.

Develop your brand
As a yoga teacher, what you believe and who you are, become your brand. So, if there is any product you feel would help your student make their practice more effective, our platform can help your students get access to these products. These sales will help students gain more from their yoga practices, and help you set a passive form of income while you focus on what is important - your yoga routines and classes.

If you would like me to compare our virtual studio with a platform of your choice, let us know in the comments below or just drop us an email.

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