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In one of the blogs, I discussed how Cityogini worked better in comparison to zoom for Yoga teachers! Here is the next blog in the series where I speak about payment options such as PayU and RazorPay. Now, again these payment portals work perfectly on their own, but Cityogini bring to you a platform designed for yoga teachers!

So, here is my comparison between other payment portals and Cityogini's Virtual Yoga Studio and why the Yoga Studio works the best from a teacher's perspective.
Managing payments
Conducting online classes is no piece of cake! Making sure the payment has come through, sending the link after conformation, and following up with students after the class sounds time-consuming! Now, image a tool that can automate this process for you! The students see a list of classes, book it, and get the link right away! Your job, Just scheduling the classes! Sounds good, does it not? This what the virtual yoga studio does for you!
No Commission
Now using other portals also ask for commissions and have a processing fee. Cityogini takes care of the processing fee for you and takes no commission too!
Hassle-free setup
If you plan on using a payment portal on your website, hiring a developer for implementation and setting up process can end up increasing the budget. With Cityogini, you just enter your bank details, and that's it, you have your payment process setup! Additionally, you reduce the amount of paperwork too. Now, of course, you can use options like Google Pay to solve this problem. However, tracking payments and reviews, in that case, gets a bit tricky!
Additional Income:
Schedules change all the time! Now, consider a scenario where a student paid for the class but was unable to attend due to technical difficulties or change of plans, it was difficult to reschedule the class, adjust the payment, and communicate the class details in general. With Cityogini, I had an option to record my class for students who were not able to attend the course. Furthermore, you can also sell these sessions as a pre-recorded class allowing people with time constraints to attend your class.
Cost-effectiveness and Privacy
Also, you keep your account details safe as all payments go through Virtual Yoga Studio's portal and no student gets your details in the process! Now if you can get an easy payment and scheduling setup with a lot more in one tool for the price of multiple tools, would it not be good?

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