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Every time I am free or bored, my first instinct is to scroll Instagram! It is insane how small pieces of technologies have changed our lives so drastically in the past few years! Instagram went from a place where you share pictures with your friends to a site where you promote your brand! Instagram is, of course, a great way to promote your brand, especially if you are just starting! However, it is a little tricky too. Understanding the algorithm, what works best for your profile, or deciding what type of content you want to create can all be complicated in the beginning.
Now, you might have guessed the next part of this article! I am going to tell you how Cityogini's Virtual Studio works and give a small comparison between Instagram and our platform from the perspective of a yoga teacher!

No designing or content creation
When you are just starting, marketing your product becomes a priority. With this, comes the expenses of content creation and designs. Our Virtual Studio allows you to relax and let us take care of that! We let our experts handle the marketing, and you can focus on giving the best yoga experience to your students! This not only saves you time but also expenses which you can then invest in things that will help you increase your quality of classes.

Yoga-centric audience
Now, I have spoken about having a concentrated audience in the past. However, when it comes to Instagram, this point just amplifies in magnitude! With our Instagram following, you get a particular audience that is interested in your product and hence increasing the chances of converting the lead to a client

Get paid for your IGTV
Posting tutorials on IGTV may get your brand some recognition. However, it is not something you get paid for, at least not initially. You can use your IGTV videos and sell them as a pre-recorded course on your studio, allowing students with a busy lifestyle benefit from your course whenever they get time.

Sell your merchandise
You must have seen a lot of Instagram stores. However, they take a very very long time to get recognition and gain trust among people. As a part of our virtual studio, you will have access to your store where you sell your merchandise to your students and other people belonging to the yoga community.

In every other article, I have mostly compared how one platform works better than the other. For this one, however, I feel they go hand in hand. While having your own Instagram is a great way to increase your visibility, it is also a huge responsibility to take up when you are just starting and have a lot more to focus on.
Our Virtual Studio gives you the freedom to create a base audience, and manage time such that you can focus on improving the quality of content you make.
Not just that, don't forget to check out our other blogs to see how our Virtual studio helps you save money, time, and still create an efficient and effortless flow for your classes and sell your merchandise on the side.

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