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Starting a new business can be hectic, irrespective of the field. Similarly, starting an online yoga business has its bumps in the road as well. We bring you a series of blog, comparing other tools used by yoga teachers and explaining why creating your virtual studio with Cityogini is more efficient, hassle-free and cost-effective in the grand scheme of things. 

While zoom may be a fantastic platform to conduct meetings and is also something I use regularly, it is not something that was designed specifically to conduct yoga classes. This issue may seem minor initially. However, in the long run, it is not something you would want to work like in the bigger picture. 

As a yoga teacher, some of the hassles I faced were managing payments and class schedules! So, having used both the virtual studio by Cityogini and a combination of other platforms here is my thoughts and a small comparison between zoom and Cityogini's virtual yoga studio.


The virtual yoga studio allowed me to use my branding materials, including logo, colour palette and details. This branding allowed me to create an image in the student's mind where they could recognize the class by just the logo. This detail may seem little. However, it goes a long way when you are trying to create a brand for yourself. 

Scheduling classes

Let's speak about the elephant in the room! Scheduling classes! Check who has paid, send them the link for the respective class, make sure everyone gets the right link, reply to email regarding class timings and what not! The list here is never-ending. While these are an essential part of organizing an online class, they also take up so much time that you can barely focus on taking your business forward! The virtual yoga studio by Cityogini allowed took care of all this for me. As soon as they received a student's payment, the student would receive an email with all the details required for the class. This email would include the link and the time!

Ability to sell class even after it is done!

Schedules change all the time! Now, consider a scenario where a student paid for the class but was unable to attend due to technical difficulties or change of plans, it was difficult to reschedule the class, adjust the payment, and communicate the class details in general. With Cityogini, I had an option to record my class for students who were not able to attend the course. Furthermore, you can also sell these sessions as a pre-recorded class allowing people with time constraints to attend your class.

Timing flexibility

Conducting yoga classes, one of the most significant things you sell is the essence of yoga. This essence is usually lost when the course breaks at 45-minutes. For those who do not know, the free version of zoom allows only 45 minutes of call at one time. To solve this issue, you had to but the premium version, which meant increasing the budget. If you still have not guessed it, this issue was not a part of the Virtual Yoga Studio as the product is intended for yoga teachers specifically!


As a start-up, one of the biggest things I always had to keep in mind was the budget. Paying for zoom, web-development, Instagram promotions, and everything may sound little when noticing individually, but they usually sum up to a lot. With Cityogini, I was able to get advantages of multiple platforms in one at a cost-effective subscription price.

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