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Setting up a workout space at home

With a pandemic having disturbed life all over the globe, physical fitness is more crucial than ever before. In such a situation, having space to workout at home could help a lot of us. Even though the idea of having a home workout space sounds appealing, where does one start setting up one? We, at Cityogini, are here with some steps you could follow to set up a relaxing home workout space without having to spend much.

Step 1: Searching for space

Let’s start with workout area; Do you have a spare room? You can probably move on to the next step now. However, if not, what kind of space is suitable for a workout? We answer this for you. Rather than looking for a place dedicated to exercise, you can search for any quiet location with enough space to move around freely.

Office area being used to workout

Step 2: Workout equipment

Buying workout equipment can be expensive and take up a lot of space. Therefore, we would suggest starting without spending on equipment. You can always find equipment-free workout routines online. Nevertheless, if you plan on working out regularly, we would suggest you buy a yoga mat. They are non-slippery and help prevent any accident during workouts.

Step 3: Create the right atmosphere

Having a clean and well-organized space will help you stay motivated to work out regularly. If you meditate, you can also try changing the light to something that easies on the eyes. Additionally, playing some soothing music in the background will also help you relax.

Tip: If you live with family, inform about your workout, ask them to try and not disturb you during a workout. This way, you will stay active and get some time to relax and rewind.

Creating the right atmosphere by lighting up candles and adding some plants to the room

Final Step: Start working out!

Now that you have a workout space, you can start by registering for one of our live yoga classes at Cityogini by clicking here

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