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I have spent quite a while speaking of the things you can do on our Virtual Studio, how it benefits teachers and how it simplifies conducting classes. However, Cityogini is a lot more than just Virtual Studio. So, here are six things you did not know you could do on the site!


Share your Stories and Experiences

Our platform allows you to read our blogs and add stories of your own to the forums. Use this part of the site to tell your story to the world, inspire, and bring about a change. 


Help out, other yoga teachers.

Cityogini believes in building a community where yoga and fitness teachers come together to grow and help each other do the same. You can use this platform to communicate with other teachers and help each other reach the goal you have in mind.


Inspire people

Often, people take inspirations from those who started small and have now brought a massive change in the world. With yoga, we plan on doing the same. Be a part of this journey with us and inspire young people to grow, learn, and achieve their goals.


Take up a challenge

Did you know? There are several challenges you can take on Cityogini? In fact, I took a challenge a while ago, and you can read the review by clicking here. These challenges help you stay consistent with your fitness routine or just give you a reason to make out that little time you need for yourself. 


Ask questions

If you are a student and have a question you would like to ask one of our yoga teachers, this feature is the one for you. You can ask questions on the forums, and the yoga teachers on our platform would help you the best way they can!


Create a higher goal for yourself

Cityogini gives you a chance to create a higher goal for yourself. Do not just conduct online classes, create your own brand, sell your merch, and develop sources for passive income.

 If You Found This Post Helpful, And Would Like To Start Your Own Virtual Yoga Yoga With Us.

Because the World could do with more yoga teachers like You to reach out their Voice to people who need it more than ever in these times.

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